Bank Account in Austria

Moving to Vienna for a job or a semester abroad in Salzburg? Whatever your purpose, a checking bank account in Austria is very likely the first things you will require when you make your move. This website provides an overview of the best bank accounts in Austria.

The banks usually charged monthly management fees for maintaining a bank account. Lately, the banks now provide a free checking bank account with favourable conditions. This free bank account can save you up to 100 euros a year.

How to open a bank account in Austria?

To open a bank account in Austria you will normally need the following documents:

  • Proof of identity (passport or ID card)
  • Proof of residency (Residency Registration)
  • Proof of employment or student status.

Depending on which bank you choose, you can either apply online or approach one of the bank branches.

  1. Collect your required documents

    You need to have an ID proof (passport), residence proof (Registration at the City), and if necessary, your student registration

  2. Select a bank and apply online, or in-person

    If you are applying online, complete the application form and print them out.
    If you are applying in person, get an appointment at the Bank, take all the documents and visit them.

  3. Verify your Identity: PostIdent or VideoIdent

    If you apply online, you will have to verify your identity by sending the documents or using one of the verification service provided by the bank like PostIdent or through Video based on your ID document. Some types of ID requires that you go to the nearest Post office and they will verify your ID.

  4. Receive your documents and activate your account

    Your account information, cards and PIN will be sent through separate letters to start using your account. You will then receive the documents including your debit card (bankomatkarte) by post within a few business days.

If you’re not a resident of Austria (or EU) yet, it might be you may have a bit more difficulty opening a bank account due to the financial regulations. But you can try approaching bigger banks like Bank Austria which offer services for non-residents.

Things to consider when selecting an Austrian bank account

1. Monthly Maintainance Charges

Most banks in Austria charge a monthly maintenance fee for your normal current account (Girokonto). Therefore, it is important to check the terms to see if they charge any monthly or annual maintenance fee.

Some banks exempt you from maintenance fees if you have a salary account or make regular monthly deposits.

2. Cash Withdrawal Charges

Once you get a current account or checking account (Girokonto) opened in a bank, you will be provided with an ATM card to allow you to withdraw your money from the bank ATM network.  Look for Banks which offer free cash withdrawals from other bank ATMs.

Free Austrian Bank Accounts

Here is a list of best banks providing a Free bank account in Austria.

1. N26

This is arguably the best online bank account for foreigners and travellers as it provides a free bank account, free credit card and all benefits and also easy bank account opening. Especially, N26 bank provides English language customer service and English online banking in Austria.

  • Free Account maintenance for all individuals and business irrespective of monthly deposit
  • Free Cash withdrawal in Euro Countries
  • Free ATM Card Free Credit Card with zero transaction fees
  • English website
  • More information about the N26 bank account
Click here for N26 bank account

2. DKB – Cash

DKB is one of the best banks in Germany and also now also allows Austrian residents to open a bank account.

  • Free account with no monthly minimum input
  • Free VISA credit card
  • Free worldwide cash withdrawals using VISA card
  • V PAY card from VISA and Visa charge card
  • Free securities account
  • Overdraft facility with only 7.90 per cent interest
  • Monthly credit card and bank statements online
  • Read more
Click here for DKB bank account

3. Ing-Diba

  • Joining Bonus* (up to €150)
  • Free Account maintenance with deposits (€300 pm) Free Cash withdrawal in Euro Countries Free ATM Card Credit Card provided
Click here for Ing-Diba bank account

Free Bank Account in Austria for Salary deposit 

1. DADAT bank account

  • Free Account maintenance for salary account (€1000 pm)
  • Free Cash withdrawal in Austria with Maestro Card
  • Free Credit Card
Click here for DADAT Bank account

2. Easy Bank

  • Free Account maintenance for salary account or with regular deposit (€400)
  • Free ATM Card Free Credit Card
Click here for Easy Bank Checking account

3. BankDirekt

  • Free Account maintenance for salary account or with regular deposit (€1000 pm)
  • Free ATM Card Free Credit Card
Click here for BankDirekt Checking account

*Joining Bonus depends on the current campaign and conditions, please check if the campaign is still valid before joining.

Compare Bank accounts in Austria

For a more detailed comparison of Austrian bank accounts, check the following comparison table.

Some relevant terms are translated below:

  • Alle Konten : All Accounts
    • Gehaltskonto : Salary Account
    • Gratiskonto : Free Account
  • Kontoführung(gebühr) : Account maintainance (charges)
  • Vorteile : Pros
    • Startbonus : Joining bonus
    • kostenlos / Gratis : Free
      • Ein- und Auszahlung : Deposit/Withdrawal
      • abheben und bezahlen : Withdraw / Pay
      • Weltweit : Worldwide
    • Bankomatkarte : ATM Card
    • Bargeldabhebung : Cash Withdrawal
  • Dispozins : Overdraft credit rate
  • Habenzins : Interest