Advanzia Free Mastercard Gold Credit Card


In this page, we provide a detailed review of Advanzia Free Mastercard Gold Credit Card. This is one of the best free credit cards in Austria and highly recommended for newcomers expat and students to Austria. This article will provide you with details on how you can apply and make the best use the credit card to your advantage.

Based in Luxembourg since 2005, Advanzia Bank SA has a banking license in Luxembourg and offers a free credit card for residents in Germany, Austria, France and Luxembourg. The bank has about 1.2 million active credit card customers.

The credit card simply called “Free”, is not only free, but also includes a lot of other advantages such as free foreign usage without any transaction charges, free cash withdrawal, free travel insurance, and up to 7-week interest-free credit period on purchases.


  • No annual fee (Permanently free)
  • Free use Worldwide (no fees)(35 million acceptance locations)
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide (1 million ATMs worldwide)
  • Up to 7 weeks interest-free credit period
  • Free request for a replacement card, PIN or card blocking
  • Rental Car Discounts from Sixt and Alamo
  • Free Comprehensive travel insurance included
  • personal customer service around the clock, 7 days a week
  • 5% cash back on booking travel tickets with free Mastercard Gold on their own travel portal with guaranteed lowest price
  • Also for self-employed, students, pensioners and unemployed

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Card fees Prices
Annual fee (permanently) Free
Foreign transaction fee (worldwide)  Free
Cash Withdrawal Fee worldwide at the counter / ATM Free
Card mailing Free
Card lock Free
Emergency replacement card Free
Replacement card Free
Replacement PIN (Personal Identification Number) Free
Duplicate invoice Free
Address Search Free
Billing (Porto) Free
Credit interest rates/costs Free
Debit interest on your purchases (payment of the total amount at maturity within 7 weeks) 0%
Monthly interest for balance (19.94% pa effective interest rate (variable and credit ratings) 1.53%
Nominal Borrowing rate for cash withdrawals per month (23.70% pa effective interest rate) 1.73%
Exceeded the credit limit on the date the monthly statement by more than 3% but at least 50, – € 5€

How to apply for an Advanzia Bank free Mastercard Gold

Step by step instructions on how to apply or Advanzia Free Mastercard Gold credit card in Austria with the English translation application form.

Step 1: Apply Online

Simply fill out the online card application. Click here to apply a free Advanzia Bank Mastercard Gold.

Enter your personal details
  • First Name, Last Name, Nationality
  • Postal code, City, Street, No
  • Country, Email Address, Date of Birth

Once you enter your personal details, click on the button highlighted as “JA, ich will”

Credit Limit Optimizing of Advanzia Mastercard Gold Credit Card

Enter the details in the next form. This is important to determine your credit limit, so answer it carefully.

  • Net Monthly Income, Experience
  • Password
  • Phone Number
  • Occupation (Angestellte: Employed); Rented (Mieten)
  • Marital Status (Ledig: Single; Verheiratet: Married)
  • Existing Credit Cards
Insurance and Conditions

Payment Protection Insurance provides an insurance in case you are unable to pay the credit card bill due to events such as accident, etc. For this, an insurance premium of .79% of the monthly bill amount is charged. Note: Additional Charges apply  – Only click on this option if you need an insurance and are fine with paying additional charges.

Check the declaration as shown above that you understand the terms and conditions. Click on the button “Jetzt senden to submit the application form online.

Step 2: Activate Card

Once you finish the application process, you will be sent a credit card which has to be activated. This explains how to activate the Advanzia bank credit card in Germany.

  • After application, your data and the credit score (eg Schufa, CEG) are checked. On accepting your application, a welcome e-mail is sent.
  • Within 2-3 weeks from the time of application, a personalized Free Mastercard Gold is sent.
  • Together with the credit card, you will receive a separable activation card and postcard (credit card agreement) that send you should immediately send back signed (postage paid). On receipt of this signed Activation Card by Advanzia Bank, your credit card will be activated and this will be informed to you by e-mail. From this point, you can use the Toll-Free Mastercard Gold within your personal credit limit.
  • You will receive the PIN separately by post shortly. 

Frequently Asked Question about Advanzia Mastercard Gold Free Credit Card

1. Credit Limit

When and how will you know your personal credit limit?

Your personal credit limit will be provided for the first time together with your PIN. In addition, this will be displayed on each invoice.

How is the credit limit set?

Your credit limit is based on your personal information that you specified in the request and set (if resident in Germany) based on the data provided by the Schufa / CEG or other agencies.

If you have changed your personal data, please inform Advanzia Bank in writing.

How to increase the credit limit

The credit limit may be somewhat lower at the beginning, till the bank checks the payment pattern and customer relationship. However, after a few months if regular payments have been noted to be checked your credit limit may be increased. Another reason for a low credit limit may be missing or incomplete information during the application process. If you have entered incomplete data and incorrect personal data (occupational group, marital status, etc.), you can update Advanzia Bank by e-mail or letter to update your data.

Daily credit limit

You can make a maximum of 5 ATMs withdrawals within your credit limit or up to a maximum of € 1,000 a day.

How can I reduce my credit limit?

If you want to reduce your credit limit for safety reasons or for personal reasons, so please contact in writing (letter, e-mail) to Advanzia Bank, who will process your request as soon as possible and adjust the credit limit.

2. Free Travel Insurance with Advanzia Bank free Mastercard Gold

When is the travel insurance valid?

If you have paid at least 50% of the total travel costs with an approved transport company with the Free Mastercard Gold and all other requirements are met in accordance with the insurance conditions shall automatically apply the protection of our free travel insurance. The cardholder and up to 3 other fellow passengers are insured for a period from 2 to 90 days.

What does the travel insurance include?

The insurance benefits of the free Mastercard Gold include the following main features:

  • Up to 3 other passengers
  • Valid from 2 to 90 days
  • Travel Liability Insurance: per incident up to € 350,000
  • Foreign Travel Health Insurance: up to € 1,000,000 including dental expenses
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Up to € 40,000
  • Travel cancellation insurance: deductible of € 100
  • Luggage Insurance: up to € 2,500 for 1 person, up to € 3,000 total for a journey of several persons
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Deductible for treatment costs in the EU after an accident: € 185

For whom travel insurance is valid?

The insurance is valid for the credit card holder and their partners, children under 23 years who are resident at the same address or, if they live at their place of study, are supported financially by the cardholder. The insurance is also valid for our own children, adopted children and foster children, although they live at a different address, but have previously lived with the cardholder.

The insurance is also valid for up to 3 passengers travelling together. If the number of passengers is greater than 3, the youngest three are insured. This insurance also covers the passengers if they have the same itinerary, duration and stops similar to the cardholder.

If family members and travelling companions accompany the cardholder on the trip, so the insurance company first applies to the family members.

Age restriction:

  • From 67 years will reduce the maximum sum insured for accident insurance
  • From 70 years, the maximum duration 21 days
  • From 75 years the cancellation insurance is automatically void
  • From 75 years  the travel medical insurance is automatically void

3. ATM withdrawal fees

Do I have to pay ATM fees if I withdraw cash?

Gold Mastercard is free of charge both for purchases and for cash withdrawals. In some cases, other banks ATM’S charge a small processing fee for using a foreign card. This fee may amount to EUR 2-5 per-cash transaction. In these cases, Advanzia Bank SA does not refund these fees since these processing fees are not incurred by them or sent to them.

How can I avoid the processing fee by other banks for cash withdrawals?

The machines operated by banks are obligated to inform the cardholder of the handling fee at the ATM and the cardholder must agree to this charge BEFORE the cash withdrawal – otherwise, this transaction does not take place. If you notice that the banks require such processing fees, we suggest you try another bank ATM’s.

In unavoidable circumstances, you can try to keep the number of cash withdrawals low. These fees are charged per transaction/cash withdrawal and this regardless of the draw. Thus, it is advisable to withdraw more money per cash withdrawal and therefore less often to go to the ATM.

 4. Cancelling the Credit Card

Is there a right of withdrawal?

You may revoke your contractual declaration within 14 days in writing without giving reasons. The revocation period begins from the rate of receipt of your card (which is considered as the completion of the contract). The revocation request must be sent to, Advanzia Bank SA, PO Box 4108, D-54231 Trier.

You can cancel the Card at any time.

How to cancel the Free Mastercard Gold?

The contract may be terminated by you at any time without notice and without giving reasons. In the event that you wish to cancel your credit card agreement, please send a message (e-mail, letter) with respect to termination of your wish or send us your credit card (cut) with a covering note back.

You will receive a written confirmation of the cancellation from Advanzia Bank SA.

 5. Discounts on Car Rental

 Discounts on Sixt Rent a Car

You get up to 10% discount on your Sixt Rent a Car Booking worldwide when paying with if you pay with your Free Mastercard Gold. The discount also applies to the cheap internet tariffs.

Discounts with Alamo

You get up to 20% off at over 330 Alamo locations in the U.S. and Canada when booking with your Free Mastercard Gold.

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