Hello Bank Account – Information and Instuction

Hello Bank! (formerly DirektAnlage.at) is arguably the best bank account in Austria as it provides a free bank account for salaried customers and students.  However, even if you do not receive a salary, you can still open the bank account and thus benefit from a modern and easy to manage your payments.

Different Hello Bank! Accounts

 Salary account    Checking account   Student Account 
Account management (including all accounting entries) free EUR 4 pm free
ATM card for 1 account holder free EUR 11.90 pa free
Classic Credit Card for 1 account holder free free1
Online continuous and confiscation orders free free free
Online Banking and Mobile Banking free free free


1Free credit card (PayLifeGold) is offered to Hello students account only on monthly deposit of min. EUR 500 (1st year free/subsequent years EUR 32 pa) 

Charges and Conditions for the Free Online Salary /pension account

Overdraft Credit interest rate (variable) 7.50% pa variable
Account management (incl. All Statements) Free
ATM Card * Free
Paylife Classic credit card (MasterCard or VISA) ** Free
Standing Instruction / implementation / change / closure of standing orders via online banking Free
Account statement in electronic format (PDF) via Online Banking Free
Withdrawal by debit card in the Euro Currency Zone area Free
Purchases and transactions with debit cards in the Euro Zone area Free
Cash deposits in Hello Bank! branches Free
3 cash withdrawals per quarter *** Free
3 Remittances Order / payment orders per quarter Free
Use of Online Banking Free
Use of Mobile Banking Free


* Order after account opening
** order after the first input content
*** 3 cash payments in Hello Bank branches per quarter

Charges and Conditions for the Free Students account

Account management (incl. All bookings) free
ATM card 1 free
PayLife Gold credit card 1 year 2 free
PayLife Gold credit card in subsequent years EUR 32, – per annum
Standing orders via Online Banking free
Account statement in electronic format (PDF) via Online Banking free
Cash withdrawals with bank card in the euro area free
Trade transactions with debit card in the euro area free
Cash deposits in bank Hello! Stores free
3 cash withdrawals per quarter 3 free
Use Online Banking free
Use Mobile Banking free
Have interest rate (variable) 0.00% pa
Borrowing rate (variable) 7% pa

Online checking account without salary/pension input

You can also open the bank account if you do not have a salary. Even though the bank account is not free in such a case, the charges are substantially lesser compared to other bank accounts.

Notwithstanding the terms and conditions for an online content online account or pension account are the following conditions apply:

Account maintenance fee EUR 2,90 per month
ATM card per account holder EUR 11,90 pa
Credit card per account holder (Paylife Classic) * EUR 20.50 pa
* A credit card for checking account without salary / pension input is only offered after appropriate credit checks.

Charges for other services

ATM card for the second account holder EUR 11,90 pa
Paylife Classic credit card (MasterCard or VISA) for the second account holder EUR 10.25 pa
Paylife gold credit card (MasterCard or VISA) EUR 59.20 pa
Ordering a debit card EUR 10, –
Reordering Paylife credit card (MasterCard or VISA) EUR 10, –
Shipping debit card / credit card abroad EUR 19, –
Reimbursement of expenses for locking ATM card EUR 7.70
Money withdrawal by debit card outside the Euro Zone EUR 1.82 + 0.75% of amount withdrawn
Trading cash transactions with ATM card outside the euro area EUR 1.09 + 0.75% of transaction amount
Fee for cash withdrawal with credit card 3% of payment / min. EUR 3.50
Urgent transfer EUR 10, – per order
Reprint of statements and documents EUR 2.40 per duplicate / min. EUR 7.20
Manual order processing time EUR 2.50 per order
Non-implementation due to insufficient funds in standing order and debit order EUR 5.90 per order
Registration office information EUR 20, – per request
Investigation EUR 10, – minimum
1st reminder EUR 10, –
2nd reminder EUR 20, –
any further notice EUR 40, –


Instruction on how to open the Hello Bank! Account

You can open a Hello Bank! Account Quickly and easily online without having to visit a bank branch or the postoffice.

Step 1 : Fill the online form and Print it.

Clicking here to open an application .

  • Enter the Personal data (legal age, residence in Austria, valid government-issued photo ID, valid e-mail address and phone number are required, among other things)
  • Record the name and address of the employer or the pension insurance institution
  • Confirm details and print completed forms or receive.

Step 2: Sign the forms

Make sure you sign the following forms which have been printed out after filling the online application.

  • Online contract salary/pension account or online checking account
  • Overdraft facility form
  • Change of bank account form
  • Credit card agreement (if requested)
  • Account Transfer Form (if desired)
  • If applicable, Statement of account co-holder for Pension Account

Step 3: Make copies of the following documents

Once you have signed the above forms, you have to take copies of the following documents to include them to your application form.

  • Your last three payslips or last income tax return (for a salaried account) or  current confirmation of enrollment (for students)
  • Your government issued photo ID that you used when registering online
  • Your valid residence or work permit (for non-EU citizens)

Step 4: Send the form and documents

  • Send the signed forms (with the exception of the account change form) and the copied documents to Hello Bank BNP Paribas Austria AG , attn. KRM, Elisabethstraße 22, 5020 Salzburg.
  • Please make sure to include all the above said forms and documents otherwise the application for Hello Bank! the account may be refused.

Step 5 :  Open the online checking account account

  • After a successful identity and credit check, we immediately open the online checking account and contact your employer or your pension insurance institution of the new bank account with Hello Bank!
  • You will receive by registered your account number and your login information. Only you can personally receive the letter from the postman or at the post office.