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There are many providers of a credit card in Austria. The most prominent names are Paylife (Mastercard, VISA) CardComplete (Master Card, VISA), Diners Club and American Express. There are also some co-branded credit cards in Austria such as ÖAMTC credit card, ÖBB credit card.

For obtaining a credit card you are required to have a good credit rating and therefore many banks refuse credit cards for expats or foreigners living in Austria. We recommend the following Free Credit Cards in Austria:

Free Credit Cards

A credit card in a classic sense, these companies provide only a credit card and do not provide a bank account. Some companies provide free credit cards while others charge an annual fee for the card depending on the services provided. In this, we recommend the below free credit card: (Advanzia Bank)

Credit card from Advanzia bank: Also called, this is a free credit card from Advanzia bank of Luxembourg, which also provides a free credit card for residents of Austria. This is a completely free credit card with no annual fees.  Not only does it offers all the benefits of a Gold Credit Card holder, but it is also easier to obtain compared to other cards.  

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Free Credit Card with Bank account

One way to get a Credit Card in Austria is by opening a bank account which provides a Credit card. There are three banks which provide such service provides free credit card along with the bank account.

Ing-Diba bank

DKB Bank

DKB is a German Bank which also provides banking facilities to Austrians. However, there is no bank branch in Austria and the application has to be made to the German bank. It offers a free Credit Card with some bank account.

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N26 (formerly called Number 26) is a bank which provides banking to residents of a number of European countries including Austria. It is an online bank which also provides a free credit card.

Prepaid Credit Card

As a final option, you can try Prepaid Credit Cards. As the name suggests, this Credit card has to be charged with adequate funds before using them. One such example of prepaid credit card is Kalixa pay Credit card. See more information about KalixaPay Credit Card here.

Comparison Credit Cards in Austria

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